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We travel a lot. Throughout our travels we realized that travelling light is usually the best way to go. However, we started to notice that our wardrobe started to mainly consist of plain t-shirts so as to be able to make the most use of our small luggage allowances. This is when we decided to create RAKT as a travel and nature inspired brand of designed wear that would be suitable for almost any situation, without being too bland.

As a result, we've put together a range of diverse looks to suit whatever environment you find yourself in - from the office to the outdoors, our wear is simple yet complicated, timeless yet modern, less but more.

Perhaps most importantly, we designed RAKT as a social enterprise and have made our focus besides designing great tees to be on the replenishment of our damaged environment. Having a strong ethos on founding deep thought-out investments into sustainability that will go on to last. That is why we have pledged 10% of our net profit towards creating a fund that will work closely with partner enterprises towards our environmental goals. We will release a quarterly statement to this page outlining our achieved and proposed goals.

Currently, the profits made from each purchase will go towards helping to fund the breeding and plantation of coral which are more resistant to rising global sea temperatures. We are hoping that this collaboration will further lead towards better breeding and planting methods, allowing us to assist in replenishing the quickly dwindling reefs.

Coral is the basis of all life in the sea and in turn supports a large percentage of life on land too. In fact, 50% of the air we breathe is comes indirectly from the existence of reefs and even though only 1% of the sea floor is covered in reefs - they directly support a quarter of all marine life. Thus, we see the reefs as a lynch-pin to our survival on the planet. In recent years massive areas of coral have sustained prolonged bleaching due to the strain of increased sea temperatures. As a result, we've decided that this is the best and most effective way to focus our environmental investment efforts.


Check back here for our quarterly sustainability release.


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